Oh yeah…

November 30, 2006

And 68: Accoustic Guitars.


61 more specifically

November 30, 2006

61. Singing the Eagles with Dad in the car
62. Having a “Section” of Flutes (even with a piccalo)
63. Quoting Movies
64. Monty Python
65. Singing Tribute with Eric (not to be confused with # 33 which was just Tribute by Tenacious D)
66. The Princess Bride
67. Actually getting something accomplished


(a few extras)

November 29, 2006

6- WE HAVE A PICCALO in the Jr. High kids now! And a Baritone! And TWO flutes OTHER than the piccalo! I think I counted 5 trumpets altogether, counting Senior Blake… And THREE Clarinets counting Sophomore Heather! If they were all high schoolers we’d almost have a real band!

7- Getting to blow dry my hair by rolling down the window of the truck this morning… at the end of November… in Southeastern Ohio… how bizzare is that? (we’ve been known to get snow this time of year… in fact it’s supposed to snow on Friday)

8- Helping the Jr High kids with their music fundamentals is going to be as benificial to me as it is to them. Except that I’m finding myself considering teaching music again instead of English… that isn’t exactly a good thing… gah I don’t know what I’m gonna do…

(oops- down moment in the happines post! Bad Jeska… better think of another happy thing…)

9- AHAHA– The director asked the other “Band-Aide” and me to march in the Christmas Parade with the kids on Saturday… I’m grateful for a moment to revert to my high-school days to laugh at the idea of her, the Gallia Acadamy alumni, marching with the River Valley band… took me back, man.

10- lol- I’m grateful that I just thought of the perfect thing to call ourselves! Band-Aides!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA (ahem sorry) (number 44 on my things that make me happy list is “Terribly Bad Puns”)



November 29, 2006

1. I’m grateful that Steve didn’t get hurt when he hit the deer last night (practically the exact same way I hit mine two weeks ago! His just went up the left side of the hood & windshield instead of the right…) It’s an epidemic, I’m tellin ya!

2. And that he called to let me know he was okay-

3. I’m almost done with Freshman Success work, and that the teacher of that class said she’d accept a website “slideshow” project, since I don’t have powerpoint on my computer… (and it was easier for me to do a website anyway) la101.truejeska.com

4! HAHA I JUST got an email from her about it! Here’s what she said:

“FANTASTIC!!!!! If I could only be as creative and talented as you are!!! I loved it; you went way beyond what I needed. I am sure that you can use the final project in future classes.”


5. Oh- I got home just barely before dark last night after work- mom’s truck has no headlights, and I’m still driving it after MY deer fiasco… stupid deer. What do they have to stand in the middle of the road for?! Anyway- it was a close call last night!

(lol- he just wrote me an email saying “FEAR THE DEER SLAYER” crazy.)


Can we do it folks? Drumroll Please…

November 28, 2006

1. My teachers this year are all pretty flexible. I’ll be able to give my missed speaches at the end of the semester, My Freshman Success teacher is giving me until Thursday to make up everything, my Psychology teacher is awesome, and my Social Science teacher just said “The thing you have to remember is ‘Just Do It!’” I like Barry…

2. Stars and the Moon from Songs for a New World.

3. Days to myself to get all my homework done.

4. Being the example in Sofranko’s class- it makes it easier for me to learn that way, I guess… plus the guy knows what he’s talking about, that always helps… it’s awesome that there are some people who teach for the sake of teaching left in the world, not putting so much stock in test scores and projects, just sharing his knowledge with his students. That’s probably why Intro to Psychology is my favorite class this semester.

5. Getting to share my thoughts, and people who accept my randomness.


Just a few morning things

November 27, 2006

1. The borrowed VCR in my living room- we’ve watched Joe comes to Blues Clues 15 times since we’ve had it, The new Wiggles tape from Tennessee 4 times since we got home from there, and the Wizard of Oz 4 times since Saturday night… It’s driving me batty, but I’m glad Reni has something to watch… the lost art of rewinding is also teaching her a little patience.

2. Ma came out to watch Reni… it gives me no excuse to skip class.

3. Weekday Morning emails- I don’t think I’d have survived the last three months without them.

4. Totally outlandish plans to get rid of sections of the planet.

5. That Reni picks the good colors to color on the furniture with.


Dial Up Song

November 26, 2006

This one goes out to all my geeky brothers and sisters who are to poor, or too far out in the middle of nowhere to get high-speed internet.  (and I sing as I wait for webpages to upload)

IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba bababa) IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba ba)

I know a service fast and sweet
Gives me time it can’t be beat
‘Cept I can’t have what I desire
Might as well set my cash on fire

IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba ba ba bum) IIIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba bum)

I really hate it when the site goes down
Ain’t nothin else in this town
Cable- some day you will be ordered
Modem you’ll go in the water

IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba bum) IIIIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba bum)

FTP will work much better
I’ll download songs here in my sweater
Cable soon I’ll make you mine,
Then I’ll have YouTube all the time

IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba bum) IIII hate Dial UP (ba ba ba baba bum)

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