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November 21, 2006

So, I just created a second wordpress blog. Something to try to actually write creatively in… I really REALLY need to start writing again, especially since I’m not going to be able to do any stage acting, and my singing is going to be limited to Sundays, if I can even keep up with that…

Something is very missing right now… Sofranko was talking about the Id last week, and how it tells you when something is missing, and the more you avoid it the louder it gets. Well- at the moment my Id is deafening. There’s so much going wrong right now that it’s hard to keep up with everything… in fact, I’m finding it impossible.

I just want to be able to tell my story. Why is that so damn hard?


Cold November Rain in October…

October 17, 2006

And it couldn’t be more fitting. I’ve managed to stuff it all back down inside, like a suitcase that was packed by someone other than Michelle… stuff just tossed in, too full, and squeezed shut.

I think I’ve figured out that no one can help me. I’ve got too much on my mind to cry about it. So the rain’s doing it for me.

Thanks rain.

I don’t want to talk anymore.

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Poetry in my Head.

January 23, 2006

One foot in my dreams
One foot in reality
The reality is the fatality
of this never ending sea of loneliness
loneliness is the state of having
no one in my dreams
One foot in my dreams
That’s where I’m holding on.
Holding on to my sanity
Running from Reality
In all of it’s totality
Tripping on my dreams.
Goodbye loveliness
Goodbye loneliness
Leaving them both behind.