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November 26, 2006

Annual ‘Frenzy’ coming to campus stage

Yay For My Rio Friends!

A few of the people in the picture were in Merry Wives with me 🙂  And I know almost all of them…

I wish I’d known about it- I might have been able to handle 24 hours…  Oh well- maybe next time.

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Yay! Choir Today :D

October 15, 2006

Woo! Another day of choir is upon us! I love Sundays 🙂

Hopefully we’ll be able to get into the church today~ Steve was saying that even if Scott doesn’t show up he could do something with us…

Last week the message didn’t get out that there was no practice, so Me, Eric, Steve, JD, Hannah and Ashley ended up waiting for 45 minutes. It wasn’t a total loss, we made party plans, and got to have some fun… and then after everyone else gave up and left, Eric and I had nothing else to do so we hung out there until 4:30, haha… it was fun.

But it would be nice to sing today.

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September 18, 2006

So, first choir rehersal was today- THAT was fun! I can’t wait til we actually get into the swing of things again, it was like we were all getting reacquainted today. Not everybody was there, of course, but there were quite a few for the first time.

I took Reni with me today. He’s coming to get her tonight, so I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. She was very good, really shy at first. She spent the first half hour hugging onto my leg for dear life, lol. I think she’ll get used to being there though. She likes music well enough, and she’ll get used to everybody. She’s sleeping now. It’s gonna be another crazy week.

We sang 3 songs today, a short, basically warm-up hymn, a song called “If I could Catch a Rainbow” and one that Scott wrote a while back. Honestly I think that one was my favorite. It had an old sound. I loved it- I can’t wait until I’ll think I can actually sing it!

We’re also talking about doing music from Rent and Phantom of the Opera (because Audry’s already ordered it, we pretty much have no choice! lol) and we looked at a song from Candide(and then went out to listen to it in Steve’s car, because the CD player they found in the church wouldn’t play JUST that song…) And we’re talking about Christmas Carolling and stuff like that. So this is going to be a LOT of fun! We still didn’t decide what we’re calling ourselves, and according to Scott, we still don’t officially “Exist” to the Ariel, but we should after the first week of October. It’s funny, I was sure I existed today… Oh well, it’s all up to the people in charge I guess- haha.

The only other thing is, that I think I am *this* close from knowing exactly what I want to do in school… I’m going to talk to one of those people that work in one of those offices about it, probably tomorrow… and see if I can figure something out.

I’m thinking… okay… here’s what I’m thinking… and I’m just thinking this… okay, I’m thinking that I’ll go into Young Adult Language Arts Education, right? Have that be my first Major, and make my secondary major Fine Arts Comprehensive. See if I can switch around a few things to make them both blend a little better together, mostly the theater aspect with the Language Arts… and then have my second Fine Art be, of course Music. Then, when I have both of those out of the way, get what I need to have for a Music Teacher Licesure… just in case… because once I have both of those others out of the way, there won’t be a whole lot left to get the Music Teacher License. But that way, if I can’t do one, I can do the other. Or maybe do English during the day, and help teach music after school or something. And if I do the Cindy thing and be the English Teacher that is in charge of the Drama club, all of that would be relevant.

It means I may have to spend an extra year or two in school, but I think it’ll be worth it. I think that’s who I want to be. English, Theater and Music.

Plus Reni will start school in a couple years, so we’ll just be in school together for a while. I’m hoping to get her back more often after she starts school.

AND THEN, when ALL THAT’S out of the way, get my Masters in Library Science, to cap off the Language Arts degree, and make more money as a teacher. And maybe in the later years be the high school librarian, with many pearls of wisdom for the students that come into my library, lol. Be more of a Guinan than a Counciler Troi (for you Star Trek Fans) (And for you major Star Trek fans, I’m sorry if I spelled it wrong! :/)

It all depends on how well Rio will let me blend Fine Arts Comp and Language Arts Education. I really think it makes sense, because it already blends theater and Language together a little bit, anyway. So we’ll just see.

Now that I have it written down, I really like that plan. I think I’ll stick with it. Maybe. lol. FOCUS Jeska…

K- that was a really long post. I’m out of things to say now. I’m going to look at my RODA account… I’ve been avoiding that.

Okay, that’s all- Jeska


Merry Wives of Windsor

September 16, 2006

Just found out Thursday that I’m playing “Mistress Ford” in the school’s production of Merry Wives of WIndsor that I auditioned for. That’s pretty sweet, it’s just the right size for me, I think. I’ve never actually had to memorize a Shakespear before, so this will be exciting! I’m the 3rd most prominant woman in the play, just after Mistress Page, and Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy after my Showboat Friend Audry! She’s playing Mistress Quickly, and she has a TON of lines… And just barely above my other Showboat Friend Alena, she’s playing the love interest, the young Anne Page (I knew she would- she’s perfect for it!)

Anyway, I’m in 7 scenes, and I only have one long line. The main character, John Fallstaff, has found himself in sort of a slump, and has cooked up this plan to woo myself and Mistress Page at the same time for our Husband’s money. He didn’t count on us being friends and telling each other about it, however. And, since we didn’t like him too much to begin with, we spend the rest of the play finding new ways to humiliate him, and end up having fun deceiving our husbands as well…

So, this is the perfect, devious role for me! I’m really going to enjoy this, I think 😀

Show Boat Memorial Choir starts TOMORROW! I’m really excited about that too! I can’t wait to get back into my Show Boat family!

Alena was trying to convince me to get into Masterworks Chorale at Rio, but with Band, Merry Wives and SBMC, I think I’ll have enough to keep me busy as far as keeping myself artisticly active goes. Maybe next Semester… But Steve’s also telling me that Music Theory isn’t as scary as I thought it was when I was in it before… so I might go into that next Semester… I do really miss Dr. Kenney!

We’ll see what happens, I still have quite a bit of time before I have to worry about next Semester’s classes…

Okay, I have some cleaning to do… so away I go.

Lotsa Love 😉


Show Boat

August 29, 2006

I just realized I didn’t write about the show…

It was absolutely amazing. The theater was sold out BOTH nights! Something that hasn’t been done at the Ariel in the last hundred years (or something like that)! In fact, it was sold out for Saturday night on Friday night!

Did it make me nervous? Hell no. In fact, I think I got LESS nervous when the curtain opened and I actually saw them all sitting there. It was like something just came alive inside of me that hadn’t been there for years! It was bliss.

The show itself went by way to fast. We danced our little dances, the main people performed their hearts out, we all sang with our strongest voices, and looked happy at the curtain call, when in actuallity, we were all a little sad it was over.

The first night, there was a standing ovation, and it wasn’t like a “Oh thank god, it’s finally over” kind of standing ovation, people were LEAPING out of their seats! They were excited! It was like we totally blew their expectations of what they thought they were coming to see, which is REALLY saying something for our area!

At the thanks and greets afterward, where we all went out into the front hall to thank people for coming, I got several compliments about my voice and stage presence, even though I was only in the chorus and had a couple bit parts. I believe the second night I got 4 “You have a beautiful voice”s, one “Oh and you did REALLY good,” and even one “You should be next year’s star!” That was cool.

But I really think the best part out of all of it were all the new friends I made. I mean really, out of all of us, several of us were meeting for the first time, or if we did know each other, never really spoke. For instance, the only person I really knew and talked to was Jonathan, my little gay canadian friend from the after school program. There was Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Bapst, old teachers, and Susan Beman, who I knew from doing George M senior year. And then the only other person I knew was Joey Graham, who I never really talked to in High School. By the end of this thing, I can seriously call all of them family. Yes, even Joey. We were all different ages, different walks of life, different areas of the county (the “city” folk and the “rural” folk), but every one of us got along and REALLY didn’t want to leave each other at the end of the Cast Party.

WHICH was also awesome. It was upstairs at the Ariel, a catered event. We presented the directors with their gifts and the Ariel Board of Directors thanked us PROFUSELY (we raised $6000 PROFIT!) Then Susan Beman started to yell for Jay (the guy that sang Old Man River) to give a speech. Then it was Margaret Evans, then it was Ted, then it was Steve, and then it just went through the entire cast. EVERYONE in the cast made a speech about how much we loved each other, how much we loved doing the show, thanking Cindy Graham and Susan and Scott Michaels, saying how BADLY we wanted to do it again next year… (and of course, Lauren Farley who said she only joined in the first place because her brother told her Mrs Graham needed black people! LOL) it was just really cool. There really were no small parts. It wasn’t just a cliche.

So now the Show Boat has docked, and I’m going back to school. I started Monday, so now I pretty much know how all my classes are going to go. And real life has set back in. But, as Scott said in his speech, “CHOIR PRACTICE STARTS IN THREE WEEKS!” lol-

If you’d like to see pictures from the last casual rehersal, and a few from Sunday Night’s show- I put them up in Picasa. Here ya go:

Show Boat

Aug 24, 2006 – 105 Photos


Play Tonight!

August 25, 2006

Show Boat starts tonight! Hooray, a real-life audience!!!!!