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Getting Moved In

October 14, 2006

So, we’re getting all moved into wordpress! I now have the entries from my Easymoblog copied in, and I’ve started importing LJ nomadshadows entries… 2006 is all nicely organized now. I’m trying to decide if I want to go all the way back into the zigana_godswolf Live Journal days… I think I might. I’d like to have everything in one place. The crappy thing about LJ is that I can’t export and import my old comments. Who’s idea was it to go to LJ in the first place, huh? Oh yeah, Heather… then nobody would switch! Oh well…

I wish I could find a photo service that would be like that too! I’d like to have everything in one place… 😦 Flickr does have a lot of nifty features. Maybe we’ll go with that.

I’ve also decided that if I’m going to be using the Flock supported photo services, Flickr will be for photos, and photobucket will be for extra pretty stuff. I’d all but forgotten my photobucket account, I actually had quite a few things in there.

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Flock Luvs Yahoo… a little too much.

October 13, 2006

I only have one major gripe about Flock so far. That would be it’s love affair with Yahoo. I’m not really a yahoo user, I’m a Google Girl. I use Google Talk, I’d rather use Picasa than Flickr if I had to choose, and I love my gmail. If Flock would do more with Google it would make it much easier for me to switch over. I’m doing the whole Flickr thing, and I love how the photo bar works… I just wish I could use Picasa instead.

Maybe they could make it so that you could switch more easily between yahoo services and google services… and whatever else is out there.

Other than that, the whole blogging straight from my browser, and dragging and dropping my photos is great. (I can have my icons after all…) Just give me my Google back, please!

Just a simple request from Jeska 🙂

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Liking WordPress

October 13, 2006

Okay, I have to admit, I’m really digginWordPress. It’s simple and powerful at the same time, and not as friggin‘ flashy as LJ. Plus, anyone can comment here, Jeska likes that too…

The only gripe I’ve found so far is the lack of avatars… I know, who needs ’em, right? Well, I’d made a few that I rather liked to go with each of my categories… so I think I’ve found a way around that thanks to Flock.

I also have to admit, I’m rather liking Flock as well. It’s a new web browser based on Firefox, with a huge focus on social features. I don’t think I’d like WordPress quite as much if I wasn’t using this browser. Easy integration with Flickr and all around. So I’m going to try these three things together for a little while. Expression with the least amount of effort… maybe I can get more out this way. Worry about important things, and still be able to get out there…

I simply have no time for playing with php any more. This saddens me, but I’ll probably bring it back later. For right now, this is a very nice setup


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New & Shiney iTunes

September 19, 2006

EEP- I just downloaded new iTunes 7 yesterday (all morning… while I was in class… stupid dial up…) And asside from the ability to play movies and such, which I can’t really utilize quite yet… it’s VERY pretty!

I haven’t had much time to really play with it yet, but so far I’ve noticed that it has different views for the music library, it’ll sort them like usual, or by album (showing the album art, much like the print preference does…) And a sort of, REALLY spiffy, Juke-Box view, where you scroll and it flips through the album art for you to select… that’s cool enough on it’s own.

Another new thing I’ve noticed is that it will download album art for the songs you’re missing them from directly from iTunes store. I always wondered why you couldn’t just do that!

I can’t wait to find out what else it does… (I love new toys!)




April 27, 2006

If anybody happens to use iTunes, I just made my first imix:

Random Favorites

The link should open up iTunes.