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This is a neat idea

December 2, 2006

I tried this once, but didn’t stick with it for some reason… I wouldn’t be drinking coffee out of it- but I’m always buying bottled water on campus… Would that count?

I’ll have to get one, glad I was invited 🙂


I think I’ve pretty much been doing this

December 2, 2006

The new wordpress blog and 43 things has been helping tremendously with this! Plus my paper journal where I write down my random thoughts & funny things people around me say or do…

So, I’m checking this one off 😀


A bunch of Friday heroes!

December 2, 2006

1. I’m grateful for “Michael” and “Miranda” who stopped to pick me up when they saw me walking from mother’s evil truck… that decided to die on me when I was 2 miles from home. They were definately heroes yesterday.

2. I’m grateful for Steve, who dropped off a whole set of beginner music books that I can use with the Jr High kids on Wednesdays. They were even the same kind of book that I started with in 5th grade, so it wasn’t a problem that he didn’t have a flute book! He was once again a hero.

3. I’m grateful for Psychology Friend Crystal, who let me borrow her Anual Editions book so I can get all my Sofranko papers done. She’s another hero.

4. I’m grateful for Dad, who once again came to my rescue, bringing Gas to put in the truck. (the thing’s gas meter doesn’t work) He’s always my hero.

5. I’m grateful for Renity, who was such a good little helper setting up and decorating the Christmas tree last night! She’s always my hero.


Okay, here’s 4 more :)

December 1, 2006

2. Steve said he was proud of my musical knowledge (that the last note in a song is a quick way of knowing what key the song is in) (I told him I’d put that on my list this morning)

3. I decided to myspace Wes… I think he may have needed it.

4. Paperwork for November’s all done 🙂

5. It stopped raining… even if it is really really windy…

no headlights on the truck + rain + passing a cop = bad thing.



December 1, 2006

1. My dear Feader-bug got a Mac!! And she wrote me to ask me for tips! OOohhhh I finally have a friend with a Mac! I’m so very excited!!

2. Uhhh, it’s still early- so that’s all I’ve got so far, lol. I was just really happy about that one!


Today’s Big Five.

November 30, 2006

1. I’m grateful that Danny told me that I am the complete opposite of my mother (who also teaches at Steps). That made me really happy… I know I have some things that I got from mom that I’m grateful for, but for the most part I don’t want to be like her…

2. I’m grateful for my Sophomore Steps kids- and the couple Seniors- that come in religiously to either see me in the snack line or come in to crafts. They always make my day.

3. I’m grateful that I’m kind of getting to know my cousin Cassandra again, she used to babysit me when I was uber little and now she’s kind of a mentor.

4. Hey… I’m grateful that I can ask her Daughter Heather (one of those Sophomore kids in number 2) to babysit Reni now… I just thought of that, lol. What goes around comes around…

5. I’m grateful that I’ve squeezed out a B in Freshman Success at the last minute… Now I just need to get Social Science and Psychology caught up…

6. I’m once again grateful to be Sofranko’s guinea pig/example in Psych- it always gets my Tuesdays and Thursdays off to a fun start.


One that I forgot from a while back…

November 30, 2006

?. Being able to trade things with Jennifer… She just gave me their old Christmas Tree, and she gave me my Kitchen Table, and I gave her a dresser and a ton of baby clothes & other baby stuff. (some of it was giving back from what she gave me before, lol)

?. Getting to see and talk to Jen for a little while- I miss hanging out with her.