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Dial Up Song

November 26, 2006

This one goes out to all my geeky brothers and sisters who are to poor, or too far out in the middle of nowhere to get high-speed internet.  (and I sing as I wait for webpages to upload)

IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba bababa) IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba ba)

I know a service fast and sweet
Gives me time it can’t be beat
‘Cept I can’t have what I desire
Might as well set my cash on fire

IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba ba ba bum) IIIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba bum)

I really hate it when the site goes down
Ain’t nothin else in this town
Cable- some day you will be ordered
Modem you’ll go in the water

IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba bum) IIIIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba bum)

FTP will work much better
I’ll download songs here in my sweater
Cable soon I’ll make you mine,
Then I’ll have YouTube all the time

IIII hate Dial Up (ba ba ba baba bum) IIII hate Dial UP (ba ba ba baba bum)

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November 25, 2006



I splurged a little and ebayed an apple bluetooth wireless, and got a usb adapter to stick in my suped up G3… (which is going to need to go for the G4 upgrade as soon as I can afford a processor)

But anyway- YES KEYBOARD!!  No more typing koded-“essages-for-“e-with-‘o-*otto”-two-rows-of-keys!

this makes me happy.  OOH- which reminds me… to 43things I go!

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John Tartaglia – A Quest for Sprites

November 21, 2006

John Tartaglia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LOL! I now understand why I love Johnny and the Sprites so much-

The songs are all written by broadway composers, and the theme song
was written by… are ya ready…. bum ba ba bummm Stephen Schwartz

I’m thinking I really like Stephen Schwartz! (he wrote Godspell, only my favoritest musical of all time) (He also wrote Wicked, which I’m almost getting into now.)

I’m thinking I saw the girl who does Ginger on Jeopardy last night…
she was doing a puppet and singing something from the show Steve told me about the other day… Avenue Q… I was watching her sing her little song with her puppet thinking, wow she sounds familiar… wait a minute… Steve said that Avenue Q was a puppet show on Broadway with the guy from Johnny and the Sprites… that’s what got me started on this quest.

I was looking for a cd or something for Reni for Christmas, but no luck…

(a little later on the search)

OOHHH!!! And John Tartaglia is a Muppeteer!!!!!

This is getting more and more exciting!!!!!!!

I KNEW ERNIE DIDN’T SOUND LIKE (oh crap what’s his name I know his

It was him!!!! it was John Tartaglia!

*sigh* I knew I loved this guy- he was on Sesame Street when he was 16- and was a regular by 18… he’s a broadway singer and plays with puppets… and works with the Jim Henson people…

He’s living out one or three of my dreams, lol…



November 5, 2006

Okay, I officially don’t like Flickr.  I can only have 3 photo sets.  How gay is that? 

Okay, really have to find free webspace with gd and php and mysql support… at this point I’m not even caring if I have to have some kind of ads…

Sorry Audry, I uploaded some of the pictures from the Party- but now I’m really annoyed with Flickr.  I have the website for the crew done on my computer, I just need to find a place to host it.


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November 1, 2006

Plans for the Top Secret Show Boat Related Project That Only Audry Knows About (or TSSBRPTOAKA) (Okay, I guess that’s a little too complicated) are underway. 

But I’m about to make it not so top-secret… I’ve got the php program to get it started, and the free webspace.  I’m not going to get the domain name until it’s done, but I’ll make it a subdomain of my own for right now. 

YAY new projects!!!!  I’ll have to get the photo gallery working and then make a new layout… and see what I can integrate with it, I know there are several things that I can… I’ll just have to find the time to do some googling.

I love being a geek 🙂

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Happy Starwars Day!

May 19, 2005

Happy Star Wars Day!!!!!!!

More to come!