November 29, 2006

1. I’m grateful that Steve didn’t get hurt when he hit the deer last night (practically the exact same way I hit mine two weeks ago! His just went up the left side of the hood & windshield instead of the right…) It’s an epidemic, I’m tellin ya!

2. And that he called to let me know he was okay-

3. I’m almost done with Freshman Success work, and that the teacher of that class said she’d accept a website “slideshow” project, since I don’t have powerpoint on my computer… (and it was easier for me to do a website anyway) la101.truejeska.com

4! HAHA I JUST got an email from her about it! Here’s what she said:

“FANTASTIC!!!!! If I could only be as creative and talented as you are!!! I loved it; you went way beyond what I needed. I am sure that you can use the final project in future classes.”


5. Oh- I got home just barely before dark last night after work- mom’s truck has no headlights, and I’m still driving it after MY deer fiasco… stupid deer. What do they have to stand in the middle of the road for?! Anyway- it was a close call last night!

(lol- he just wrote me an email saying “FEAR THE DEER SLAYER” crazy.)


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