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November 29, 2006

6- WE HAVE A PICCALO in the Jr. High kids now! And a Baritone! And TWO flutes OTHER than the piccalo! I think I counted 5 trumpets altogether, counting Senior Blake… And THREE Clarinets counting Sophomore Heather! If they were all high schoolers we’d almost have a real band!

7- Getting to blow dry my hair by rolling down the window of the truck this morning… at the end of November… in Southeastern Ohio… how bizzare is that? (we’ve been known to get snow this time of year… in fact it’s supposed to snow on Friday)

8- Helping the Jr High kids with their music fundamentals is going to be as benificial to me as it is to them. Except that I’m finding myself considering teaching music again instead of English… that isn’t exactly a good thing… gah I don’t know what I’m gonna do…

(oops- down moment in the happines post! Bad Jeska… better think of another happy thing…)

9- AHAHA– The director asked the other “Band-Aide” and me to march in the Christmas Parade with the kids on Saturday… I’m grateful for a moment to revert to my high-school days to laugh at the idea of her, the Gallia Acadamy alumni, marching with the River Valley band… took me back, man.

10- lol- I’m grateful that I just thought of the perfect thing to call ourselves! Band-Aides!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA (ahem sorry) (number 44 on my things that make me happy list is “Terribly Bad Puns”)


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