Can we do it folks? Drumroll Please…

November 28, 2006

1. My teachers this year are all pretty flexible. I’ll be able to give my missed speaches at the end of the semester, My Freshman Success teacher is giving me until Thursday to make up everything, my Psychology teacher is awesome, and my Social Science teacher just said “The thing you have to remember is ‘Just Do It!’” I like Barry…

2. Stars and the Moon from Songs for a New World.

3. Days to myself to get all my homework done.

4. Being the example in Sofranko’s class- it makes it easier for me to learn that way, I guess… plus the guy knows what he’s talking about, that always helps… it’s awesome that there are some people who teach for the sake of teaching left in the world, not putting so much stock in test scores and projects, just sharing his knowledge with his students. That’s probably why Intro to Psychology is my favorite class this semester.

5. Getting to share my thoughts, and people who accept my randomness.


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