Just a few morning things

November 27, 2006

1. The borrowed VCR in my living room- we’ve watched Joe comes to Blues Clues 15 times since we’ve had it, The new Wiggles tape from Tennessee 4 times since we got home from there, and the Wizard of Oz 4 times since Saturday night… It’s driving me batty, but I’m glad Reni has something to watch… the lost art of rewinding is also teaching her a little patience.

2. Ma came out to watch Reni… it gives me no excuse to skip class.

3. Weekday Morning emails- I don’t think I’d have survived the last three months without them.

4. Totally outlandish plans to get rid of sections of the planet.

5. That Reni picks the good colors to color on the furniture with.


One comment

  1. Google is the best search engine

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