November 26, 2006

1. I HAVE A KEYBOARD AT HOME AGAIN!!! And it’s a bluetooth apple wireless, and it’s all spiffy and new and pretty, and was 5 bucks less on ebay than it would have been from apple and… and… contented sigh

2. That the weather was FAN-tastic on the way to Tennessee to see Ma’s family for Thanksgiving.

3. My Dad. If it weren’t for him I’d think I was adopted… or at least wish I was adopted by people that understood me better.

4. Reni loved the
Wizard of Oz last night- she just watched it for ToTo, it was amazingly cute… at the very beginning when the mean lady that becomes the witch later on took ToTo and put him in her basket Reni started to panic and cry… “No! Don’t take doggy! Mommy! Doggy!” And I said, “It’s okay, just watch.” “huh?” “Just watch…” And when ToTo got out of the basket and ran down the road I said, “See? He escaped! It’s all good!” And she watched and said “Thank You…” yeah, moments like that.

(lol- she just did it again… “Oh No! Doggy!” now “Run Doggy!”)

5. Thanksgiving break.


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