I’ve had these written for a while…

November 26, 2006

While my keyboard was out of commission I’d been writing these down in my paper journal. Here’s the list I’ve got so far…

39. Rio Squirrels
40. Dogs
41. Chocolate Cookies from Subway (in moderation)
42. Taking Dress Rehearsal Pictures
43. Passing on knowledge to those who will use it (passed on the language we made up in high school to some of my Steps Kids)
44. Terribly Bad Puns.
Jess: “The best part of the party was the hike through the woods.”
Rodger: “Oh, so you had a nice stroll through the woods then?”
Jess: “Well, I wouldn’t call it a stroll exactly, we went pretty fast.”
Eric: “More like a sprint through the woods.”
Jess: “Or a wood SPRINTER” hahahaha (get it… sprinter, splinter? See what I mean?)
45. When Bethany pops up outa nowhere
46. Making my Mac hook up to a TV
47. New Mac Toys (Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard)
48. Mel Brooks Movies (Space Balls, Robin Hood Men In Tights, Young Frankenstein… etc
49. Watching weird stuff with my Pa (Mel Brooks Movies, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Star Trek, Stargate SG1)
50. Queen Size Beds
51. Quests (The quest for the 36/34 pants)
52. Bacon
52. When people actually come to see me for a performance
53. Jazz when played well
54. Random Cheap Gifts
55. Making New Friends
56. Hearing from the old ones
57. Getting Reni after she’s been gone a few days
58. Knowing what’s going on; having some control over my life.
59. Kevin Smith Movies (Clerks, Mall Rats, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob)
60. Paychecks
61. The Eagles


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