John Tartaglia – A Quest for Sprites

November 21, 2006

John Tartaglia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LOL! I now understand why I love Johnny and the Sprites so much-

The songs are all written by broadway composers, and the theme song
was written by… are ya ready…. bum ba ba bummm Stephen Schwartz

I’m thinking I really like Stephen Schwartz! (he wrote Godspell, only my favoritest musical of all time) (He also wrote Wicked, which I’m almost getting into now.)

I’m thinking I saw the girl who does Ginger on Jeopardy last night…
she was doing a puppet and singing something from the show Steve told me about the other day… Avenue Q… I was watching her sing her little song with her puppet thinking, wow she sounds familiar… wait a minute… Steve said that Avenue Q was a puppet show on Broadway with the guy from Johnny and the Sprites… that’s what got me started on this quest.

I was looking for a cd or something for Reni for Christmas, but no luck…

(a little later on the search)

OOHHH!!! And John Tartaglia is a Muppeteer!!!!!

This is getting more and more exciting!!!!!!!

I KNEW ERNIE DIDN’T SOUND LIKE (oh crap what’s his name I know his

It was him!!!! it was John Tartaglia!

*sigh* I knew I loved this guy- he was on Sesame Street when he was 16- and was a regular by 18… he’s a broadway singer and plays with puppets… and works with the Jim Henson people…

He’s living out one or three of my dreams, lol…


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