Alright, so I’m going to try…

November 17, 2006

Okay, since the last entry… I’ll start with Merry Wives Weekend.
1. Tim, who played Host of the Garter, told me in the library that it was a joy to watch me on stage, and assumed that I’d done the scenes before… which was a definite confidence booster considering it was my first ever Shakespeare.
2. The other Tim, who played John Falstaff, said at the end that I was wonderful to work with, and said that I should do theatre more often, especially shakespeare. (which I probably will over the Summer)
3. The real John, who played Master Ford (my character’s husband) said that I was “One of the best people he’d ever worked with” and also said I should do theatre more often.
4. Sarah, (Mistress Page) and I had such good chemistry, which was excelent since she was hardly at rehearsals- but we kind of found a bond at the performances. That was cool.
5. I got to know Sean (Bardolf) and Jessica (Dr. Caius) a little better- and found out that Jess is engaged to one of my old friends from High School- that was an amazing cooincidence. So now I’m talking to Jamie again.
6. Bethany & Jessa came (with Husbands) to see me the last night.
7. Steve, Hannah, Caleb, Lauren and Audry came to see all us Show Boat folk that were in it.
8. The TV that I’m now borrowing- and the adapter that was bought for me so I could watch DVDs on it from my computer…
9. The TV has a tape player- Reni can watch Blues Clues & Disney movies now.
10. My STEPS paycheck came a day early- I was able to pay my rent on time, and my other bills as well.
11. OH- I was sick as a dog with a cold, or maybe something worse, I don’t know, the whole Merry Wives weekend- but nobody could tell while I was on stage. So Jeska was sick, but Mistress Ford, evidently, was not.
12. Signs.
13. I got to spend all day yesterday with Renity, just me and her at the house.
14. I got my room cleaned up & arranged so I can sleep in it, at last… no more couch for me…
15. I found out about the Band Concert “Dress Rehearsal” on Tuesday morning… when it was on Tuesday night…
16. That I hit the deer BEFORE getting to far away from my parent’s house last night… so Dad could drive me to the concert before I could be late…
17. That Steve was there to see me play, and drive me back home.
18. I didn’t suck nearly as bad as I thought I would, considering I missed half the practices because of Merry Wives and Psychology panel discussions.
19. That Sean (Bardolf) was there, and went to McDonalds with us afterwards… I got to know him a little better- he’s a cool guy.
20. Before going out to play, my cousin Cassandra, who plays Oboe, hugged me, said she loved me and was glad I was back in school. That was cool.
21. That Show Boat Memorial Choir has decided not to perform this weekend. We were in no way shape or form ready yet…
22. I got my classes scheduled for next Semester.
OH- 23… I bought a pair of 5/6 pants- and they fit me like a glove. THAT’s really exciting!
Okay- I think that’s all…


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