November 9, 2006

This may be cheating, but I’m afraid I’ll have to make this more of a however many I can think of weekly thing… my keyboard at home isn’t working, so I’ll have to update at school…

Anyway, here are all of them that I can remember thinking of since my last entry:

1. That most of the Steps kids that I get along with this year are only Sophomores, so I’ve got another 2 good years left with them.

2. That I at least have a decent ear for what sounds right… that comes in handy when the band director doesn’t give the kids music to read, and I have to make it up as I go along in order to help them at all…

3. I got to see Saw III before it left our theater- good flick. It wrapped up everything quite nicely.

4. I have almost all my Merry Wives lines down, which is a good thing, considering first performance is tonight (AHHH)

5. That Merry Wives will be over with this weekend, and the first Choir performance will be over with next week, and I’m pretty sure Symphonic Band will be too- that’s 3 loads off my shoulders. I’m sooooo only doing choir and band next semester… I’ll have to wait until Summer to do another show.

6. Tomorrow is the deadline for dropping classes without leaving a record… not yesterday… like I was afraid it was…

7. Free and Open Source software for Macs- I found NeoOffice, I’ll be able to do my powerpoint presentation for Freshman Success after all…

8. STEPS checks go out tomorrow.

9. Everyone did SO MUCH better at practice last night, it gives me hope that tonight won’t be a complete disaster.

10. Coming home and hearing Smeagal on my answering machine. (Eric does the best Gollem/Smeagal impression I’ve ever heard. It makes me laugh every time.)

11. That I have someone that I can call who doesn’t look down on me for anything I do or say, and handles my wild emotions and crazy personality traits surprisingly well. I don’t have to pretend or put on an act… he accepts it all & always manages to leave me smiling. That in itself is an amazing feat. I seriously don’t know how he does it, but I’m unmeasurably grateful for the friendship.

12. I was able to find my flash drive, so I could download NeoOffice with Rio’s high speed internet, and install it at home.

13. That I know Scott well enough that he’ll probably work me into Music Appriciation- and therefore- give me a perfectly legitamate excuse to get an ipod- and mark that off my goal list.

14. Did I mention Merry Wives is over this weekend? lol. I’ll be able to conentrate on other things…

15. The Advisor in the CARS office had tissues for when I started crying over having a financial restriction that wouldn’t let me register my spring classes… it’s been a bad week…

16. In four years- five years tops- I’ll be able to have a real job, and support Reni like I should. Then I can look back on all the bad stuff as a memory…

Okay, I gotta go get my Comp I prof. to sign my drop form…


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