Five Five Fiva Fiva Fiva la la la

November 2, 2006

1. The princess bride badges that Eric just handed me today.
2. That getting paid ten bucks an hour to hang out with Jonathan four days a week is going to pay off so well this month. I’ll have to make him a really good Christmas present… probably something Chicago related…
3. Blueberry Muffins. They’re easy to throw in the oven and throw on the counter for the high school kids after school when you’re not feeling well. Then they make good “I’m sorry I’m late for rehearsal” gifts for everybody when you finally get there from work.
4. My answering machine… it’s evidently not going to be just a leave Jess goofy messages device, but a rant when Jess isn’t home so she knows there’s something wrong device as well…
5. The practice of playing hooky when you can afford it.


One comment

  1. Google is the best search engine

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