Wow… 7:00 at a whole new time…

October 29, 2006

It’s going to be so much easier to wake up at 7 now… since I’ll really be waking up at 8.  I don’t know if that makes me happy or not.

So, I HAVE to write all about all of my Halloween adventures.  Let’s start with hunting for costume things.  Wednesday Mr. Fulton and I had made a slightly short notice plan to go on a Goodwill trip after my 8:30 Psychology class. We were going to meet at the Library and head out.  Well, I got there after class, waited about half an hour, and left… just barely missing him.  Finding this out when I got home and his little myspace icon was blinkin. 

BUT all was not lost.  Mr. Sisson called me up and said he had to go to Athens to pay off some college loans, and asked if I wanted to look around the halloween shop up there.  OF COURSE!  Like I’m going to pass up an adventure like that! So he picked me up and we went.

He was planning on doing a pirate thing, searching for a puffy shirt, and I was bound and determined to do my Elegant Brian Froudish Faerie Queen thing… so I was looking for a dress so I wouldn’t have to sew too much.  Neither of us found what we were looking for in the Halloween shop, but he found a Phantom of the Opera mask, so he changed his costume plan. 

We didn’t give up though, we went into a thrift shop.  It was here that I found the PERFECT dress for fifteen bucks, he found a jacket that had nothing to do with Halloween at all, but it was only ten, so he couldn’t pass it up… and… hee hee hee… The Lion King Soundtrack… IN SPANISH!!!!  Hahahahaha- so we listened to that on the way to get food… we found out that Listos Ya means Be Prepared… and that the Spanish Zazu is seriously gay… it was so much fun. 

On the way home we watched Equilibrium on his portable DVD player… (Well, I was watching… he was driving, listening, and occasionally laughing at me.) I was yelling in the first ten minutes because they burned the Mona Lisa… and then again when they were burning all those movies and books… then by the time they got to entire rooms I decided that I just wouldn’t have lasted very long in that world.  It was a good movie though, I really liked it.

Okay, so the next day I actually went out with Mr. Fulton.  Sorry Robert, but you were a little more difficult to shop with! lol- Mainly because he didn’t know what he wanted to be.  So walking to his car was spent deciding on what he wanted to be, and we landed on Rodger from Rent.  So, Rocker Boy Robert was going to be easy… right?  heh heh…

TO GOODWILL! I knew exactly what I was out for, had a list and everything, I just needed accessories and the things to make my wings, and Reni’s wings for her birthday present.  And All we needed for Robert was a Rocker type shirt and a Leather Jacket.  There was nothing to be found at Goodwill (Except… Amazingly… a T-Shirt from Gallia Acadamy’s production of Peanuts, in which he was Schroder, it had his name on it and everything… and the Martini glass from my Junior Prom… Wow, reliving high school memories…) (I also found a pair of boots and a pretty faerie-ish pin for my cloak)  Anyway, there was a jacket that MIGHT have worked… if it were black and not red.  So we kept looking.

TO WAL MART! Which was mostly a serious dissapointment.  Couldn’t find pointy ears.  They didn’t have their dollar fabric anymore (which really upset me, since that’s what they used to put JoAnne’s out of business.)  And no realistic looking butterflies for my hair.  I did get nail polish, a pair of butterfly hair clips, pretty, shiney blue fabric for the wings, the stuff I needed to make Reni’s wings for her birthday, and a cute flowery wand to go with them for her.  He found an ACDC shirt.  So the trip wasn’t a total loss.

TO BIG LOTS!  Found nothing.  But I do think I figured out how Tim Burton came up with the idea for Nightmare Before Christmas.  He was walking through the halloween isle in a store, and was quite suddenly walking through Christmas.  I’m sure of it now.

TO DOLLAR GENERAL!  Walked there from Big Lots.  It was the last place we had time to go.  We were completely figuring on going in, not finding anything, and taking me back to Rio for Sociology.  There was of course NO Halloween stuff out.  Except maybe a couple bags of candy.  But… But… THERE WERE (fake) LEATHER JACKETS!!! At first I was thinking we’d have to alter one, but they totally worked on him!  SO the day was saved!  We found almost everything we needed (except pointy ears… I REALLY wanted Pointy ears…)   Oh well.

SO, Friday was spent making my wings, and then picking up Reni for the night… and SATURDAY was entirely it’s own day.  I’m thinking another post will be needed to cover Reni’s Birthday and the Halloween Party… since the Party will deffinitely need pictures. 

So- To Upload pictures from the party I go.

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  1. So, yeah, it worked. And the leather is real. lol. Just not very high quality. Good times at the party. and choir. ;)way to show up an hour late. lol

  2. SHOOOSH!!!!!!!!

    I was NOT an hour late, I was FORTY FIVE MINUTES late! lol

  3. MY apologies…..so….
    Way to be 45 minutes late 😉
    Hope you find your camera…. 😦

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