New & Shiney iTunes

September 19, 2006

EEP- I just downloaded new iTunes 7 yesterday (all morning… while I was in class… stupid dial up…) And asside from the ability to play movies and such, which I can’t really utilize quite yet… it’s VERY pretty!

I haven’t had much time to really play with it yet, but so far I’ve noticed that it has different views for the music library, it’ll sort them like usual, or by album (showing the album art, much like the print preference does…) And a sort of, REALLY spiffy, Juke-Box view, where you scroll and it flips through the album art for you to select… that’s cool enough on it’s own.

Another new thing I’ve noticed is that it will download album art for the songs you’re missing them from directly from iTunes store. I always wondered why you couldn’t just do that!

I can’t wait to find out what else it does… (I love new toys!)



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