Change in the Air

September 19, 2006

I was in a descriptive mood while writing Steve this morning, thought I’d paste what came out of my head in here too…


I was all excited driving home… there’s a coolness in the breeze… The sky’s clear and bright, everything’s bright… the trees are itching to shift their colors, and some have already jumped in, too anxious to wait for the others… It was like I was driving through a change in the world. The very moment that summer changes to fall. There’s change in the air- that excites me. I feel like anything could happen today…

Unfortunately, so far it looks like it’s going to be a pretty mundane one as far as things I have to do go. I need to type my paragraphs for Barry, look up things on Aristotle for speech, write my Journal entry for Frenchman Success, and do my outline for Comp I. Then I have a meeting with Miss Emily at 4, and Merry Wives practice at 6…

But maybe something exciting could happen… something unexpected… I hope so. The day’s still young…

Now Listening on iTunes: I’m With You by Avril



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