September 18, 2006

So, first choir rehersal was today- THAT was fun! I can’t wait til we actually get into the swing of things again, it was like we were all getting reacquainted today. Not everybody was there, of course, but there were quite a few for the first time.

I took Reni with me today. He’s coming to get her tonight, so I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. She was very good, really shy at first. She spent the first half hour hugging onto my leg for dear life, lol. I think she’ll get used to being there though. She likes music well enough, and she’ll get used to everybody. She’s sleeping now. It’s gonna be another crazy week.

We sang 3 songs today, a short, basically warm-up hymn, a song called “If I could Catch a Rainbow” and one that Scott wrote a while back. Honestly I think that one was my favorite. It had an old sound. I loved it- I can’t wait until I’ll think I can actually sing it!

We’re also talking about doing music from Rent and Phantom of the Opera (because Audry’s already ordered it, we pretty much have no choice! lol) and we looked at a song from Candide(and then went out to listen to it in Steve’s car, because the CD player they found in the church wouldn’t play JUST that song…) And we’re talking about Christmas Carolling and stuff like that. So this is going to be a LOT of fun! We still didn’t decide what we’re calling ourselves, and according to Scott, we still don’t officially “Exist” to the Ariel, but we should after the first week of October. It’s funny, I was sure I existed today… Oh well, it’s all up to the people in charge I guess- haha.

The only other thing is, that I think I am *this* close from knowing exactly what I want to do in school… I’m going to talk to one of those people that work in one of those offices about it, probably tomorrow… and see if I can figure something out.

I’m thinking… okay… here’s what I’m thinking… and I’m just thinking this… okay, I’m thinking that I’ll go into Young Adult Language Arts Education, right? Have that be my first Major, and make my secondary major Fine Arts Comprehensive. See if I can switch around a few things to make them both blend a little better together, mostly the theater aspect with the Language Arts… and then have my second Fine Art be, of course Music. Then, when I have both of those out of the way, get what I need to have for a Music Teacher Licesure… just in case… because once I have both of those others out of the way, there won’t be a whole lot left to get the Music Teacher License. But that way, if I can’t do one, I can do the other. Or maybe do English during the day, and help teach music after school or something. And if I do the Cindy thing and be the English Teacher that is in charge of the Drama club, all of that would be relevant.

It means I may have to spend an extra year or two in school, but I think it’ll be worth it. I think that’s who I want to be. English, Theater and Music.

Plus Reni will start school in a couple years, so we’ll just be in school together for a while. I’m hoping to get her back more often after she starts school.

AND THEN, when ALL THAT’S out of the way, get my Masters in Library Science, to cap off the Language Arts degree, and make more money as a teacher. And maybe in the later years be the high school librarian, with many pearls of wisdom for the students that come into my library, lol. Be more of a Guinan than a Counciler Troi (for you Star Trek Fans) (And for you major Star Trek fans, I’m sorry if I spelled it wrong! :/)

It all depends on how well Rio will let me blend Fine Arts Comp and Language Arts Education. I really think it makes sense, because it already blends theater and Language together a little bit, anyway. So we’ll just see.

Now that I have it written down, I really like that plan. I think I’ll stick with it. Maybe. lol. FOCUS Jeska…

K- that was a really long post. I’m out of things to say now. I’m going to look at my RODA account… I’ve been avoiding that.

Okay, that’s all- Jeska


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