Merry Wives of Windsor

September 16, 2006

Just found out Thursday that I’m playing “Mistress Ford” in the school’s production of Merry Wives of WIndsor that I auditioned for. That’s pretty sweet, it’s just the right size for me, I think. I’ve never actually had to memorize a Shakespear before, so this will be exciting! I’m the 3rd most prominant woman in the play, just after Mistress Page, and Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy after my Showboat Friend Audry! She’s playing Mistress Quickly, and she has a TON of lines… And just barely above my other Showboat Friend Alena, she’s playing the love interest, the young Anne Page (I knew she would- she’s perfect for it!)

Anyway, I’m in 7 scenes, and I only have one long line. The main character, John Fallstaff, has found himself in sort of a slump, and has cooked up this plan to woo myself and Mistress Page at the same time for our Husband’s money. He didn’t count on us being friends and telling each other about it, however. And, since we didn’t like him too much to begin with, we spend the rest of the play finding new ways to humiliate him, and end up having fun deceiving our husbands as well…

So, this is the perfect, devious role for me! I’m really going to enjoy this, I think 😀

Show Boat Memorial Choir starts TOMORROW! I’m really excited about that too! I can’t wait to get back into my Show Boat family!

Alena was trying to convince me to get into Masterworks Chorale at Rio, but with Band, Merry Wives and SBMC, I think I’ll have enough to keep me busy as far as keeping myself artisticly active goes. Maybe next Semester… But Steve’s also telling me that Music Theory isn’t as scary as I thought it was when I was in it before… so I might go into that next Semester… I do really miss Dr. Kenney!

We’ll see what happens, I still have quite a bit of time before I have to worry about next Semester’s classes…

Okay, I have some cleaning to do… so away I go.

Lotsa Love 😉


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