Anthropological is a Funny Word…

September 10, 2006

Looking for my articles for my Sociology class. I’ve found one on Psychology and one on Archaeology, so I should be good.

Serenity’s going to her father’s this week for her first
Monday-Thursday trial period… Not sure if I’m totally looking forward
to that… actually, I know I’m pretty much not. But I have school in
the mornings now, and come October I’ll have work in the afternoons, so
if he were to take her on the Weekends I’d never get to see her. So
this is for the best… right? Yes…

So I’ve been filling up my weekly schedule as much as possible. Not
only do I have classes and STEPS now, but I’ve auditioned for the
college’s production of “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” Which will take
up more of my time, and of course there’s band.. both symphonic, and
possibly the high school if I get asked to help with that again this
year. Not sure if I will.. my old band director has been reinstated
this year, and yeah… just not sure if he’ll ask me in.

School is fun. Being in that funky, in-between age of 22, I’m making
friends with both the other “non-traditional” students of all ages, and
the fresh out of high school crowd. That’s kind of how it was during
Show Boat too, there weren’t many people that were right at my age.
There was one 23 year old that I knew of, and a few that were 20. I’m
not sure what everyone else’s ages were- but my point is that I had the
opportunity to make friends with everyone. That was really cool.

CHOIR STARTS NEXT SUNDAY!!!!!!! Ahh, I can’t wait… Reni will probably
end up coming with me, but since we won’t be doing any acting or
dancing, it probably won’t be a problem. Maybe Michelle will bring
Nay-Nay… They can play together…

Okay, that’s enough of a post for today, I’m gone.


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