Ha Ha Ha!

September 7, 2006

I now have just about everything working! Just need to iron out a FEW more wrinkles!

The easymoblog problem was relatively easy to fix. I just changed the urls for the permalinks and the topic pages so that instead of using the $_SERVER function, it used the $_GET function, with an $id= in the url… I had to break out my php book, but I figured it out!

Also, I have a fun new way of adding quotes… I’ve been writing back and forth with another one of my showboat buddies Steve… and the last few days we’ve been ending our letters with different “Quotes.” Mostly silly stuff… but it’s a fun way to get content!

There was one that he sent me today, that was more of a meditation thing than a quote, so it was too long to go in the doohicky, but I’d like to post it here:

Close your eyes. Imgine yourself in a secluded woodland area. You are completely alone and nobody can find you here. The aroma of fresh rain fills the air. The only sound you can hear is the soft rustling of the wind through the trees and babble of a brook near by. Look into the brook. It is so clear that you can easily make out the face of the person who’s head your holding under the water

hahahahahahahaha… I’ve heard it before, but it was so appropriate today…

Uh-Oh… supper’s beeping… better go…


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