Jeska's Going to School again…

August 22, 2006

so, I'm going to school again. Mom took me yesterday morning to Rio and got me all registered. I have to get my Direct Loans figured out, and then I should qualify for a full Pell Grant. So that's groovy I guess.

I'm just taking generals this time. Comp I, Accelerated Algebra, General Psychology, Introduction to Social Sciences, Speech, Symphonic Band and Freshman Success. (the last two are only 1 day a week classes, and I don't have to be at all the Freshman Success classes b/c it's a hybrid. And Comp I is all online). So yeah. I'm almost excited.

I think I could be more excited if I could have money to live on. I scheduled everything around STEPS time, but that doesn't start until the first monday of October. Which isn't that far away, but it is when you consider that I was planning on it starting in September. So I'm going to have to figure out what I'm going to do for another month. Jared has been trying to talk me into applying at Little Caesars. I'm seriously considering it.

But on top of all of this, I have to figure out when I'm going to spend time with Serenity, and who I'm going to get to watch her when I can't. I have to sign up for Day Care at Rio, but the girl at Admissions said it can be kind of pricey if I don't have federal assistance- which I did- I had the Medical card, but I couldn't renew it b/c I didn't have any recent paycheck stubs to show them. But that's okay, because I have to renew them without Goonie's name on them anyway.

And I have to get the disillusionment papers filled out. I found out that one of the ladies in the show with me is a judge, so I'm going to ask her if she could possibly, like, point to what I'm supposed to fill out… I really only want to turn them in once and get it over with. I really want nothing to do with him anymore, besides sharing our daughter.

Well, speaking of which. i have to go drop her off so I can go to play practice.

I really don't want to go over there. But I have to. He called and said he wanted her this morning. After like 2 weeks of being too busy.

Go figure.



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