My little adventure in Columbus!

August 4, 2006

So, I spent the week with the Macombers and the New Mike (who will henceforth either be called “New Mike” or “Bobby” As his last name is Buchet like the Water Boy. If I just say “Mike” I'm talking about Macomber)… This is how it happened.

Last Sunday, I had play practice, and realized I'd left my music at Roy and Vicki's (Our Mike's mom and step dad). I thought, “No big deal, I don't need it…” But oh was I wrong! There were several parts that I had to look over people's shoulders on until one of the girls let me look at hers. So I decided to have them come out and drop it off before they left to go home. They came out for a few minutes, left me my music, and got to see the place in all it's messyness. As they were walking out the door, New Mike said “You should come out with us!”

“No, I couldn't-”

“Why not, you don't have anything else to do”

“No… I don't know…”

“Well, I'm going to come out here anyway, and I'm going to honk, and you'd better be packed and ready to go, because you and Reni are coming with me!”

“He's serious,” Our Mike says.

“I am, I'm dead serious.”

“Okay, but I don't think so…”

“Well, okay…” and then they all said bye and left.

So I sat there for about five minutes… with nothing to do, Reni just kind of wandering around, with nothing to do… thinking that I was going to have nothing to do all week.

I started to pack.

Then I called them up and said “Was he really serious? Will you guys care? I think I'm packing!” And I emailed heather, ( or whichever one it is this week ) and told her to call me while I was there so that we could get together (WHICH she never did :P), and then Mike finally called me back (after Jared called me… and then Jennifer called me! it's funny when you're actually expecting a call you get all your other calls from people you'd like to talk to all the time…) Anyway about a half an hour later, Bobby finally knocks and we were off!

It was a fun ride, actually. I'd hung out with him the last weekend while they were home, so he wasn't a total stranger, but I got to get to know him better on the way. He's like 33, from Florida, joined the Navy at 17 and has been EVERYWHERE. He's on his second marriage with the love of his life, and I LOVE his car! I felt like a person from 10 years in the past riding in this amazing vehicle from the future! (My car's 10 years old, so it really was like that) (the wipers start automatically when they detect rain! How friggin cool is that?!)

We stopped in Lancaster so that he could get a newspaper for home listings (He and his wife are planning on buying 2 houses there, one to live in and one to rent out). That was the only time Reni woke up, she complained a little, but went right back to sleep once we were on the road again.

We got there and the Macombers were there already. It's a cute little house, with a good size kitchen and a finished basement living area. I really liked it. I even liked the carpet downstairs that looked like a calico cat had exploded! lol. The lighting was a little annoying, but I've been in worse places!

So anyway, actually being there wasn't much of an adventure. Mike and New Mike had to go to work every morning all day and Me and Michelle just unpacked boxes and moved furniture and cleaned and tried to keep Shannon and Reni from beating each other up (It wasn't so bad the first few days, but Shannon got really tired of Reni after Wednesday) But it was soooooooooooo good to get out of Gallia for a little while. And their place was air conditioned. I would have blown my little Air Conditioner up after last week, so it was a good thing I went.

And I got to see Chip and Joanna last night. They came over for dinner and we all played pictionary- that was fun. It was cool to hang out with Joanna again! (even though the boys cheated and had Chip take a *few* extra turns drawing. SO not fair having the professional artist do all the work! lol) We did win though- it was a fun game, but kind of a disappointing ending, because it was a really easy one to guess. There was no excitement or tension. But hey, we won!

And for my help with the house, I ended up getting most of the kitchen appliances that Michelle didn't want anymore… an extra blender, (a really nice one!) an extra little food chopper thingy, and a set of knives that they'd never used, and she gave me the Swiffer Wet Jet that had been in storage in Washington, which I really needed. I'm glad I held out on buying a mop now. Oh, and a nifty little stove-top popcorn maker thing.

So anyway- not much else to report on the week. It was fun to hang out with other people for a while.

Then today New Mike came home early and told me he was there to pick me up, which was a surprise, b/c I thought I was going home with the Macombers to go to the Fair tonight. But Michelle said they'd talked about it and having all five of us in the Cruiser with my stuff and their yard sale stuff was going to just be too much. So I got to ride home with New Mike too- I think he's going to be a good friend.

So, now here I am! Me and little Reni. Fun week 🙂

If I'm going to be using LJ again I'm going to go make a new layout & Icons. See ya later!

:love Jeska:


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