Hello Again

July 30, 2006

Hey guys, wasn't sure if I was going to do the LJ thing again or not, but since it's the easiest way to keep up with I figured I'd go ahead! Besides, the Mac client for LJ rocks, it's just as simple as that. (Xjournal… it integrates with EVERYTHING)

So yeah, expect to see me around a little more often for a little while. Not that this excites anyone, but hey- thought I'd announce my presence for those who care.

At least until I can get my site running again… which is probably going to take a while :/

To catch everybody up, I've finally decided that life is too short to be married to somebody who I fight with constantly… He's been out of the house for about a month now… And I am living at my own place now, just me and the baby (who is totally officially a toddler now). So that's the biggest news I've got.

I've also joined the community theater group in town, I'm in the chorus & a dancer for Show Boat, which is totally cool. It's awesome to be on stage again, I even get to act a little, and…. dum da da dum… I have a SOLO! It's ONE NOTE and ONE LINE, but it's a SOLO by god, lol!

Okay… gonna go for now.

Lotsa Love


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