Life in Ohio

November 13, 2005

Well, life here has truly been interesting! The New school bonds passed, SWEET! My kid will get to go to a school with windows that don't shatter on contact and ceilings that don't fall in on a slightly blustery day. Yeah, River Valley got that bad- and then some. They're doing away with Kyger Creek entirely, though… they'll be turning Bidwell into a Middle School, and sending their K-4 to the newly renovated Addaville. At least that's what we figure will happen to the k-4, that's not proven fact yet.

Dad & Dustin went out to get Electrical stuff and Blocks for the trailer yesterday, and leveled the front end. They were going to do the rest but, of course, it's supposed to rain all day- that's life on Thompson Farm- as soon as somebody wants to do work (or wants to go out and have a little fun, Right Jennifer?) the weather turns nasty. That's why I don't plan things unless I have to. Stuff that gets planned always has something come along to ruin it.

We can't get Electric hooked up until our last bill from Cedar Street gets paid (it was in my name) and we can't pay that bill until Jason brings his half of the money. I'm trusting him to bring it soon. He's said he was going to bring it a few times, and I hate calling him just to see if he'll bring the money. It kinda depresses me. But oh well- I'm sure things will turn out. Things have a habbit of happening that way.

I have the place almost entirely sorted out now, I have one of the bathrooms filled up with junk to get rid of! The furniture is all aranged & everything. I totally can't wait to move in, and I really hope we can before bad weather hits.

I have a nasty feeling that I'm also going to get screwed over by Betty. I really hope I'm wrong. She said she'd consider giving me a job when I got back, and I don't think she's given it much consideration. I'm going to go to the High School with Mom for the STEPS program thing, and see if I can get my cousin Margy's job when she leaves it for her new one. I've been waiting on the Circ job to get posted from the library website for 2 weeks, and she still hasn't posted it, so I'm pretty close to moving on. I think I'm going to start my freelance business before the month is up. We'll see.

I should probably also go visit Margy with some of my Crafty ideas- maybe I'll do that next week…

Okee Dokee, I think I've bored everyone enough… oh wait, I haven't talked about my kid! How silly of me…

She's walking now, and finally has gotten her hair cut! I'll have to post pictures on my site soon. I have her birthday and her first hair cut to post… She fell asleep last night playing with her Little People. I looked over and saw her with her head on the pillow, the Mommy Little Person in one hand and “Farmer Pat” in the other (you know the old SNL sketch, with the person you couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl, so they just called it “Pat?” That's how this little person is) Anyway, she was cute.

I got to see Jen & Steve's new car! So šŸ˜› on everybody that has her on their list! haha… It's cool, it's all sleek and white and stuff.. it was dark so I didn't get to see it all gleeming in the sunlight or anything, but the nighttime kinda made it look ghostly. It was spiffy!

Oh, and Jaz- if you're reading this, I got your glasses done. All four of them. I didn't put the quotes on them, but I have another idea for incorporating them… I think you'll be pleased šŸ™‚ I'll try and post pictures. I still think Frankenstein is my favorite. Dracula was Dustin's favorited and the Mummy was Jennifer's favorite. And to give you an idea of how sturdy the glasses actually are, one of them fell off the computer desk up here onto the wood floor and didn't even chip- so like I said, you'll be pleased!

OK- NOW I'm done… I'll see you all later (it's good to be back home!)




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