May 3, 2005

I Just spent 25 bucks on an ftp program- THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! (can I hear a halleluia chorus, please?) It looks like it’ll really be worth the money, though- and I can put it down as a business expense once I get it running. Which I will get it running!

In other news, the baby had her first pigtails this morning. ‘Bout 9 oclock I started fiddling with it, and just couldn’t resist, found some soft bands and put them up in pigtails! It was really cute, I got pics on my webcam that I’ll probably have on the site later. (not too much later, now, hopefully)

All three of us have had snotty-stuffy-runny noses the last couple of days. So that’s been fun. We went through a box of tissues in 2 days… even the baby helped! But she hates me wiping her nose. I mean *hates* it. I think it has to do with the “brain sucker” (the little blue seringe ball thing) Now she won’t let me touch it for more than a little “beep”

She’s so big now- I can’t hardly believe it. She’s almost as tall as I am when I’m sitting on the floor! It’s crazy. And she’s laughing at everything now. She loves Peek-a-boo, and growling, and when I chew on her toes, and all that other stuff babies like. She’s really a lot of fun. (for the most part, lol)

Well, now I think I’ll try to make some sense of Heather’s website, now that I know this thing will work! And then I can rest easy knowing that tomorrow night, I can finally start uploading my website!

Goodnight, folks.


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